Saturday, June 1, 2013

Curley the Hairlless Dog

Have you ever wondered what a hairless Cocker Spaniel would look like?

Well, the answer is below. This 1946 photograph show a hairless Cocker Spaniel who went by the name of "Curley". It is rather interesting to see just what the breed looks like underneath all that hair.

Curley belonged to a Mr. D M Wentworth of Boise. Her parents and four sibling all had normal hair.

She seems to be the first known hairless dog of her breed--and quite possibly the only one as I have not been able to find any other accounts of this phenomenon.

Wentworth is holding her in this rather uncomfortable-looking way to demonstrate the elasticity of her skin (personally, I would have just taken his word for it).

Cocker spaniel with hair
Source: F. Genevey
 Congenital (genetic) baldness is referred to as inherited hypotrichosis, it is recorded as occurring in cocker spaniels. But this condition does not normally cause complete hair loss.